Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 29, 2010


Our faith is never as private as we might like to think because our actions speak for themselves either displaying or betraying the truth about how deeply we believe.  Sometimes we act like our faith is upheld with the tenderness Simeon the prophet shows in holding the eight day old Christ Child who, like any infant was powerless and impoverished.  He was, at the same time, divine.  We can wear our faith with the confident assurance that the Christ has saved us and we have nothing to fear.  At the same time our attitudes and actions can betray the fact that we are often greedy, judgmental, arrogant and full of sin.

In his ministry Jesus came to show that many sinful people who lived on the fringes of society actually had deep faith that led them to repent - to reform their lives - because they received the mercy of Christ.  This mercy was also given to the religious people of that day, but many of them were so prejudiced against Jesus they could not believe in or follow him. 

Our thoughts regarding our faith are revealed with a truth that either betrays or displays  what it really is.  How do we feel knowing that truth of our hearts is revealed by our actions?  Can we be at peace?  Or, would we rather hide behind a false faith hoping the truth will never be revealed?

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