Sunday, June 19, 2011


On this Feast of the Holy Trinity
we celebrate the fact that we believe in one God
who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
We are members of a monotheistic religion,
which means we only have one God. 
Our one God consists of three co-equal persons
Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
Each person is fully and equally God,
However, the Father is not the Son or the Holy Spirit,
the Son is not Father or the Holy Spirit,
and the Holy Spirit is not the Father or the Son. 
Therefore, each distinct person of the Trinity functions in different ways. 
The Father is our Creator,
the Son is our redeemer,
and the Holy Spirit is the giver of life. 

The fact that our belief in the Trinity is central to our faith
makes it possible for us to be like Moses,
who after he saw Yahweh on the Mountain spoke these words:
“If I find favor with you, O Lord,
do come along in our company.” 
What an amazing invitation. 
It speaks of Moses’ humility in the presence of God. 
Moses was not allowed to see the face of God as he passed by,
but he knew the Lord was there. 
The mystery of God’s presence was not fully revealed to Moses,
but God was present in a truly physical way. 
Moses understood his unworthiness to be in the presence of God,
and yet, he had the audacity to ask God to be with his people
on their journey through the desert. 
He knew that Israel would never make it to the Promised Land,
their home, without God’s help.

We too have the right in our own faith to invite God
the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
to be present to us on our spiritual journey.
 “Do come along with us God. 
You are creator of heaven and earth. 
All that exists does so because of your divine will. 
You are our Father, we are your children and, like our ancestors,
we are on this journey through life to the land you promise,
the dwelling place you have created for us,
so that we, your children, can live with you,
our Father through eternity. 
But like our ancestors before us, we are a stiff-necked people. 
We complain that life is not what we want it to be. 
We get angry when the life we think we are supposed to control
from the time we get up to the time we go to bed
is filled with chaos, stumbling blocks, and mirages
that trick us into believing that we can live our lives
without your grace, your presence and your love. 
If you find favor with us, O Father, walk with us, be us,
show us the way to our eternal home.”

At other times we can invite Jesus, the only begotten son,
to be with us, especially when we know we have sinned
and are in need of his mercy. 
“Do come along with us, Lord Jesus, for we so easily lose our way. 
We are paralyzed by our sinfulness, our pride, our greed
and our lust for all that we desire for ourselves. 
We need your mercy and the salvation you promise us. 
Do come along with us,
you have promised that you will not leave us orphans,
you promise to be with us always. 
Be our Bread of Life here in the desert of sin and death. 
Let us know your healing touch, your gracious presence at our tables,
in our homes, and in every place where we feel
we are most unworthy of you. 
For we are weak, we are hungry,
we are impoverished by our selfishness and greed. 
Do come along with us and be our daily bread.”

We can call upon the Holy Spirit for guidance and inspiration. 
“Come, Holy Spirit, Come. 
Enkindle within us the fire of your love. 
Do walk with us for you are the Lord, the giver of life,
you bless us with your gifts, your Word, your grace
which fills our lives with peace. 
Come into our confusion and doubt
as we grieve those we love who suffer in sickness, pain and death.  Come into the dullness of our souls
and inspire us with excitement and joy. 
Come into the barrenness of our souls
which leaves us dry as bones in the desert
and let your wisdom fill us with new life. 
Do come along with us and guide us with your light.”

The Trinity is a central mystery of our faith. 
Our salvation rests on the belief in one God
the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
And while we will never fully grasp the meaning of this mystery
we can invite God to define us, enlighten us and save us,
for without the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
we will forever remain lost in the desert. 
Like Israel, we need our Triune God to be with us
         to show us the way home.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Matt. 6:1

Love is our reason for carrying out acts of righteousness:
love for God, love for the poor, love of our faith. 
Love is also our compensation, our recompense, for these righteous acts. 
God’s love is poured out from a deep secret place within our souls
where we are eternally in communion
with the One whose love enriches our lives
beyond the love we share with one another.

Perhaps the greatest sadness we can know in our relationship with God
is that human love always seems to matter more
than the recompense of God’s love. 
We so readily settle for a minimum wage – a slave’s recompense –
not knowing how richly God blesses our lives with his love.