Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Prayer For Calm

In a recent conversation with my spiritual director, it was suggested that, along with the other aspects of my daily prayer, it would be good to add a brief prayer asking God to help me with a problem I have with my temperment.  So the prayer is forming in my mind and soul.  Right now, it goes something like this:

God, I pray for calm today.
Help me to face all the stress and anxiety of my life
with a sense of composure.
This is one of the greatest longings of my soul.
I desire calm dignity in how I respond
to all that stresses, worries and bothers me.
I make this request because my life
is intimately connected to the lives of so many people
and my reactions impact their lives too.
I have been unable to change all by myself;
all my efforts have borne little fruit and so
I place my life in your tender care.  Amen.

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